Juggalo Prom 2019

After my stomach settled down, I ordered an orange Faygo and began to enjoy myself at the Juggalo Prom. The Prom started at 10, but it was relatively empty until 10:45. 10:45 is when the real action started.

I walked upstairs and chatted with a group of guys, then another couple, who became my friends for the evening. Gwen and her boyfriend were really nice and they let me take their photo, then a selfie with them. We walked around upstairs and we all sighed, “if I would have known they had Juggalo face painting, I wouldn’t have done my own.” However, the Voltage Lounge charged $15 for Juggalo face painting and we all agreed that we spent half of that by doing it ourselves. Still, it was a neat concept. Then “We Don’t Die” came on and I had to video tape it. As I was taping, Gwen turned to me and said, “we’re going downstairs, we’ll be back in a bit.”


Then, I made my way downstairs. At this point, it was around 10:45 and more people were gathering. I met more Juggalos and Juggalettes and took photos with them. We all danced a little bit, but I was taking it easy… I didn’t want to upset my stomach again.

This is when I met Tyler and he became my “date” for about an hour. He agreed to take some prom photos with me and that was a lot of fun. Danced a little, but mostly chatted and threw around a glow stick. He accidentally hit someone, security got really mad and no one was allowed upstairs anymore. He left at about midnight, then I met Lily.

After Lily sprayed me with perfume, we danced and laughed, then I mentioned that I hope they do nominate a prom king and queen. She laughed and said, “that would be the best!” As soon as I said that out loud, the emcee called for our attention; prom king and queen were announced. Gwen and her boyfriend were nominated, and a couple from around Elkton, MD was nominated too. That was fun to listen to as to why each individual should win, very funny. The couple from Elkton won because their reasoning  was pretty funny and I was able to get a selfie with the prom queen. I wish Gwen and her boyfriend won, however. They were pretty nice to hang out with after Tyler left.


Then Shy Guyz performed and let me tell you, they were interesting. One of the members is a massage therapist and was giving free massages. I had to and it actually felt really good.

After Shy Guyz finished, the venue was pretty much empty again. The DJ came back and played a lot of the oldies from ICP, Twiztid, Boondox, and Tech N9ne.

Lily dancing to Boogie Woogie Woo by ICP. This is one of my favourites and I was jumping around too, and dancing.

I left at 1:15, got home at 2 AM. I had the best evening of my life and I can’t wait to scrapbook these memories. I added them to my Happiness Box; I am grateful to everyone I met and for all of the special memories made. I would like to share the photo album with you: Juggalo Prom 2019

I gave Tyler my phone number and he texted me last night, for the photo. Not a chatty guy or at least not a texter, but seems pretty nice.

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2 thoughts on “Juggalo Prom 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I am all verklempt to learn that your evening turned around and you ultimately had a great time at the Juggalo Prom. I see the sign says Juggalo face painting STARTING at $15, and therefore you really did save a good deal of money by D.I.Y. Even from this side of the screen, I got a contact high and was stoked to party as I listened to “We Don’t Die.” Everybody in those pictures looks fantastic including Gwen and her bf and you, and I’m glad you had fun hanging with different people as the night progressed, especially Lily. When it came time to pick the Juggalo King and Queen, I heard the girl who wound up being declared Queen explain something about her p-ssy lips, but I couldn’t make out what she said. Do you know? I know from experience that if a girl wants to win a contest of any sort at a bar or spring break event, and needs to get the crowd’s attention and support, talking dirty is a good way to do it. 🙂

    Again, here is an example of turning a bad situation into an amazingly good time. Let yourself become anchored to these powerful feelings and draw upon them anytime your’re low. Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


    1. Hi Tom,

      The Gathering of Juggalos is like a spring break, but for los and lettes. Someone taped her doing something to her p–sy lips and put it on YouTube, but I couldn’t make out the whole act. It was probably something wild since Gwen and her boyfriend both said, “we can’t top that story!” You’re right, something dirty and wild wins all the time! Haha.

      I wrote about this for my Happiness Box, so I can’t wait to draw upon this experience for the rest of my life. Lily was right, I didn’t smell because if I did smell, I wouldn’t have had a date, even if only for an hour. 🙂 As I said to my one co-worker, I felt like I belonged and it felt great.

      Have a wonderful week as well, dear friend!


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