Thankful Friday 25 October 2019

I got in at 2 AM from the Juggalo Prom, washed up, and went to bed at 3 AM. I was up at 8 AM and even though I took off from the library today and rested, I’m still feeling pooped. I will post about the Juggalo Prom at some point this week.

However, I have to give some gratitude for yesterday. My full-time job had the pumpkin contest yesterday and one of the departments did a Suicide Squad theme. I loved the guy who dressed as the Joker and afterwards, I asked him if he had extra paint because I wanted to borrow some for the Juggalo Prom. Wouldn’t you know that he gave me the pink UV paint for my mouth? I was uber grateful and my face paint looked great. Here’s a selfie with him, before I did my face.


I can’t eat at Hungry Pigeon anymore. While I’ve had diarrhea after eating there in the past, I never got violently sick. Last night I was glutened and I vomited. First time vomiting with accidental gluten contamination. I puked in the Lyft going to the Juggalo Prom (and thank god the Lyft driver didn’t charge me extra, some do) and he helped me clean up a little. I had to clean my dress when I got to the Voltage Lounge and I puked again, over the toilet that time.

Anyway, I managed to clean myself, but I was feeling self-conscious that I smelled like puke. I met a nice young lady last night, I told her the embarrassing story (I told a few others too… when I’m anxious and self-conscious, I tend to talk a lot about the embarrassment) and I asked her if I smelled.

She told me, “no! You smell fine and even if you did smell a little bit, shit happens. I once puked at a dance on myself and my date’s shoes. It happens. However, here’s some perfume!” She sprayed me and we ended up laughing about it all and I said, “you’re right, shit does happen. I feel better!” We also ended up hanging out for a bit and enjoyed the prom. I was thankful for Lily.

Here are some teaser photos. Before the prom, I wanted to get a few pre-prom pictures. I never went to my high school proms, didn’t have an interest, but I remember seeing everyone’s pre-prom photos. I wanted mine and people were happy to take them. Everyone I passed in Philadelphia also loved my make up! I got a lot of compliments, which made me glow. 🙂


I felt pretty grateful and joyful yesterday. I can’t wait to post about the Juggalo Prom!

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Friday 25 October 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I am excited to find out what happened at the Juggalo Prom. it was very nice of your coworker to give you that pink paint for your mouth. You looked sensational in your prom gown and face paint. I’m so sorry you got glutened at Hungry Pigeon. How did that happen? You always specify that you require gf foods, and before this, every restaurant you dined at eagerly complied. I’m so sorry you took ill as a result. I’m happy to know that girl you met helped reframe you. Shit does happen, and it happens to everyone.

    Have a super Sunday, dear friend JM!


    1. Tom,

      They were so disorganized last night and they gave me a broccoli dish with cream and other white stuff. I guess it had flour and that much dairy makes me sick too. I finished when they brought out the right dish. I think they didn’t clean the espresso machine right either. I had too much caffeine last night and that could have contributed too.

      Thank you! Despite getting sick, I looked great and I met a lot of new people. They didn’t scurry away, so I probably didn’t smell. Lily was great and it was just nice to laugh and reframe myself. I was glowing!


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