Thankful Thursday 24 October 2019

One more week until Halloween and tomorrow night is the Juggalo Prom! After being notified last Thursday night that Hot Topic canceled my dress order, I went dress shopping on Saturday.

After work at the library, I went to Torrid and I asked a sales clerk where the skater dresses were. This one caught my eye, but it was a 12 and I normally wear a 16. Lo and behold, it fit perfectly! The sales associate helped zip me up and as she did, other associates walked back, ohhed and ahhed and said I looked gorgeous, that this will be perfect for the Juggalo Prom. I felt pretty on Saturday and this made me feel over the moon. Thank you, Torrid. I know I’ll look pretty tomorrow night and I am still over the moon.






I also ride the train with some kind people. I was chatting with my one friend today and the friend is still keeping their eye on me in regards to a certain situation. Today we chatted about libraries and book collections, other days this week we chatted photography. They were nice conversations and I am grateful for them. I’m grateful for the awesome people I’ve met on SEPTA over the past 12 years. I love public transit and it’s usually the people that make the trips. I tend to meet nice people, even if some weird ones get mixed in from time to time. I am thankful for these experiences.

I’m also thankful for my parents. It’s been dad and I this week since mom is on a business trip; we’ve spent the past few nights bonding. I made dinner last night; chicken with ghost mashed potatoes and monster peas and dad loved it. Tonight we had Halal Guys and he took me to Michael’s to get the scrapbook page protectors. By next week I should be done with Happiness Box 2018 scrapbook; I’ll get a two month breather before opening 2019’s and I start scrapping that. Anyway, I am lucky to have my mom and dad.


I listened to uplifting music today; I am thankful that these songs soothed the soul. I want to share them with you:

Some camp friends formed a band and I loved this cover they did by the Tallest Man On Earth.


In February 2013, Christina won tickets to see Aaron Carter. I was her plus 1 and I loved the opening band, Petrel. I thought Bombshell was fitting for today.


I love Gretchen Wilson, so I listened to a whole bunch today. Here are two of my favourites:



What are you thankful for today?

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 24 October 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It’s good to know you are over the Halloween moon. Looks like you are all set to take the Juggalo Prom by storm and be crowned belle of the ball. I’m happy that you have had mostly positive encounters with strangers who ride public transit. I am a great believer that people have the power to create a certain outcome including making peaceful, friendly connections and even new friends in such situations. it was nice of you to cook for you and your dad while your mother was away on business. That’s a cute mashed potato ghost with monster pea eyes and nose. In the early 2000s before I became a blogger, I was into scrapbooking big time. I spent lots of money on page protectors but never regretted taking that extra step to safeguard my valued memories. I favor female vocalists and liked “Bombshell” best. Can you help me with the i.d.? Is that music video The Petrel Sisters? I enjoyed Gretchen Wilson’s singing but was turned off when I read about her political activities. Sorry, but I cannot support an artist who is fighting for the other side.

    Happy Thankful Thursday, dear friend JM!


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