Juggalette Face Paint Ideas

Next Friday (25 October), I am heading to the Juggalo Prom. This will be my first prom – I never went to a high school prom and this will be the first Juggalo Prom held in Philadelphia – and I’m really excited.

I’m waiting for my dress to come in – the first dress got lost in the mail and Hot Topic never received it. I called customer service on Saturday, they put a new order in and it was supposed to come today, but I was never notified and I have to call tomorrow. I’m really hoping I get the dress over the weekend. I also want to buy a pair of boots and I think I have a jean jacket to go over the dress. It’s a plaid skater dress.

I also am going to paint my face. I was thinking of painting my face to resemble Pennywise, but the makeup I bought, it suggested not to put the red near my eyes. While I do have red eye shadow, I’m not sure. This is what I was thinking if I did Pennywise:


Although, this version looks cool:


This is in line to what I found on Pinterest. Yes, I did a google search for “Juggalette Face Paint Ideas” and it took me straight to Pinterest.


I actually really like this one.



I do like Boondox’s paint. One year I was Monoxide and I could always do that again. Here I am in 2013, as Monoxide:


My full-time job is having a Halloween costume contest that day and I was going to apply my paint when I got to work. I think I am going to do the first image I found on Pinterest; it’s simple and straight forward.

Regardless of which design I choose, I can’t wait for the Juggalo Prom and I promise to take a lot of photos!

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One thought on “Juggalette Face Paint Ideas”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I am excited for your sake, dear friend. You accessed several cool Juggalette face paint ideas and you always have the option of modifying one of them or creating an entirely different look. The Juggalo Prom sounds like an awesome event. I hope you have fun and take lots of pictures. I can’t wait to see your costume and the ones worn by other Juggalos. I hope you win a prize in the costume contest being held at your place of employment.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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