WRTI / Astral Arts Presents the 2nd Annual Block Party

I missed last year’s first block party since I went to as far as my fingertips take me, and I didn’t want to miss it this year. Two weeks ago when Gregg Whiteside announced the block party on air, I made note of it and the daily e-mail reminders helped too.

After work at the library ended at 12:45 pm, mom picked me up and took me to the train and after 45 minutes, I arrived in Philadelphia. I was early, went to a Farmer’s Market (first one, I’ll have to share that experience tomorrow), and walked around until 2:30. The Block Party didn’t start until 3 and although the Farmer’s Market was on 18th and Walnut, the six block walk only took 15 minutes. I was still early.

But, that was okay! I walked around and mingled with people. They had GF smores and I made myself a smores. Nydia Hahn, one of the 6 ABC news anchors was there and I had the chance to meet her. She put on her sunglasses for the selfie, which was understandable. Schmoozed with others for bit. Gregg didn’t show up, which bummed me out because he is my favourite, but I did meet Bliss and Deborah, the other classical hosts. I was too nervous to ask for a selfie with them and when I worked up the nerve, the event was over.

I did meet Ms. Blue, one of the jazz hosts, she gave me a big hug and agreed to photos. She was a joy to chat with and meet. I love classical music, but it seems like the jazz host was a bit more excited to be there and opened to people. Makes sense… I see classical musicians as more introverted than jazz musicians. While I’m sure jazz musicians are introverted, they are most likely a different type of introverted than a classical musician. I added the photo with Ms. Blue to my Happiness Box.


I also met some friendly dogs and their kind owners. The one eyed dog, which his owner said he was born that way, loved having his photos taken and it looked like he was smiling. The pibble (pit bull) was sweet too. I actually feel for pibbles because they get a bad rap for wrong reasons. The doggies and babies loved the classical music; classical music puts us all in a happy/joyful mood.

The Astral Artists were amazing too!

While one of the WRTI staff members was taking a photo of me with Ms. Blue with my DSLR, someone else shot a photo with their phone and posted it to WRTI’s Instagram feed. I was so happy to see my photo with Ms. Blue!


I really hope there is a 3rd annual Block Party next year. WRTI’s Block Party 14 September 2019

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One thought on “WRTI / Astral Arts Presents the 2nd Annual Block Party”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Looks and sounds like you had a great time at the 2nd annual WRTI / Astral Arts Block Party, dear friend! I’m glad you could attend this year’s event, but sorry to learn that Gregg, your favorite air personality, wasn’t there. On a positive note, you had the opportunity to meet classical hosts Bliss and Deborah and jazz host Ms. Blue and had pics taken with the latter. It’s also cool that you met and posed with WPVI-Channel 6 Action News investigative reporter and weekend anchor Nadia Han. When I was only a couple of years older than you are now, I drove to Philly and interviewed for a job as a news producer at WPVI-Channel 6. While there I met some of my TV news idols. Although I didn’t get the job, being there and chatting with those major league anchors and reporters was one of the most exciting moments of my career.

    I enjoyed the harp, cellist, flutist and trombones that entertained at the Block Party. Mrs. Shady’s son played trombone in the high school band. I loved hearing their classical rendition of “Yesterday.” That picture with Ms. Blue is a real keeper.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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