Thankful Thursday 5 September 2019

Happy September! After some hot and humid days, the temperatures have dropped and autumn is in the air! Woohoo! I’m also feeling better, now it’s just my dreaded allergies. Tis the season!

I’m thankful that mom is giving me her old laptop. Last weekend she bought a new one and said I’m free to wipe it, then install Windows 10 (she has Windows 7). This weekend while I’m dogsitting for Aunt Kathy, I’ll be a techie. I’m looking forward to having a “new” functioning computer. Mom’s excited about her new computer too.

I’m thankful I’m dogsitting for Aunt Kathy this weekend and I’m thankful that I’ll be catsitting for Terry on 19 October and over Christmas/Hanukkah. They know my predicament and they want to help out a little by offering me small jobs. I don’t want to be given money, I want to work for it, and they both have needs too. They both trust me and I take good care of their furbabies. I’m verklempt about these opportunities.

I’m thankful for my two jobs, friends, and family. I’m thankful for therapy and my counselor. This is the season where I get triggered; 7 November will mark six years and 2019 has the same days as 2013. 7 November was a Thursday in 2013 and it’s a Thursday this year. I started triggering a bit earlier this year and in the three sessions I have left, we’ll be working through these triggers. I’m thankful that there is help out there.

What are you thankful for?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 5 September 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m happy to know you are feeling better this week and that the temps in Eastern PA are cooling off. We are having one of the hottest nights I have ever experienced – very “close” and uncomfortable.

    It was very nice of your mother to give you her old laptop. I hope she enjoys her new one. I too am verklempt knowing that you have been offered jobs watching feline and canine furbabies for a friend and a relative. The extra $$$ you earn will help. I assume the trigger date to which you are referring is the anniversary of Nan’s death. I am sorry, dear friend. Take the advice of your counselor and work through it.

    I am thankful that Dorian remained well off to our east, but sad for those affected by the awful winds and heavy rains. There have been tornadoes and waterspouts and hundreds of thousands are reportedly w/o power. At a time like this, I am thankful for electricity, food, water and shelter.

    I have a new post starting tomorrow morning. Enjoy your Friday and the weekend, dear friend JM!


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