Walking the Manayunk Trail

While I’m not 100% yet, I decided to walk the Manayunk Trail yesterday. I didn’t feel like paying for the train, it was a gorgeous day, and I missed walking since my illness. The weather was gorgeous and so was the scenery. I love the way nature looks in late August through late September, right before the leaves change. Of course, I also love when the leaves change too. I felt at peace.

Although I brought my rollerskates, I decided not to go. I coughed a lot after my walk and I knew roller skating wouldn’t be good for my lungs right now. The rink also closes on Labour Day, Monday, to get ready for ice skating. I know the rink is torn up, as is true at the close of every season, and since I’m not 100%, I didn’t want to fall. It has been a weird summer because I didn’t skate a lot… I missed July and most of August. The weather was hot and rainy, when it wasn’t rainy, it was just too hot to skate. I’m looking forward to ice skating.

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One thought on “Walking the Manayunk Trail”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    If anything will help get you well again it is a walk in the fresh air and sunshine along the Manayunk Trail. I know it is one of your favorite haunts. I have followed you through several seasons of roller skating and ice skating. I know you enjoy both. You were probably wise not to push yourself too hard and attempt roller skating in your weakened condition. You took some beautiful pictures along the Trail. Soon those leaves will all be turning glorious autumn shades. It looks like some of them have already started changing.

    Please take good care of yourself and get back to 100% health soon, dear friend JM. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I know I will now that the hurricane threat has greatly diminished.


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