Korn and Alice In Chains


A few weeks ago, Live Nation sent me an e-mail. Since I haven’t been to the BB&T Pavilion since Warped Tour 2018 on 13 July 2018, they sent me free tickets. I decided to look at who was playing because I’m not too keen on Camden and that’s why I don’t really see concerts there. However, when I saw Korn and Alice in Chains were playing, I decided to take advantage of the free ticket.

I took the ferry over and it was a 20 minute ride. It was a smooth ride and it was a neat experience. I was excited to experience it coming back, at night.

Let me just say, the best things in life are free. Before Alice in Chains came on, while H9o99 and Underoath were playing, I sat and chatted with Brenda and Greg before we saw Alice in Chains. They were awesome!


I had the joy of meeting Sarah and Adam once I settled on the lawn. Adam also likes ICP and we built a rapport. Sarah, his wife, was also awesome. At the end of the show, they didn’t want me walking to the ferry in Camden and drove me to the train station in Philadelphia. They made sure I got on safely. I’m beyond grateful.


Korn and Alice in Chains rocked! I had a really great time last night and had the joy of singing along with all of the songs from both bands.


For some reason, my phone didn’t upload all of the videos. I’ll have to add the YouTube app and do it that way; that’ll be for another post.

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One thought on “Korn and Alice In Chains”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    it makes me happy to read about your exciting weekend, dear friend! The ferry boat ride got you stoked for those live rock shows in Camden. You shared the experience with friendly people – Brenda and Greg, Sarah and Adam. I love how you always seem to make your own good fortune when you’re out and about. You invariably manage to turn strangers into friends and Good Samaritans. It does my heart good to see all the happy, smiling faces. I enjoyed hearing Korn doing “Here To Stay” and falling silent when it was time for the audience to chant “f’d up feelings again.” What a great time you had, and I am happy to know you made it back home without any problem.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend JM!


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