Thankful Thursday 1 August 2019

C’est le Premier du August! It’s August 1st and summer is almost over… the last month of summer and I can’t believe how quickly this year is going by! Please slow down!

The American Jewish Museum sent me a surprise of an e-mail today – they are extending their free admission until 31 August! How wonderful and what a wonderful gift to give to not only Philadelphians, but people from all over the world who visit! I’m verklempt and grateful.

I went on Sunday and enjoyed free admission. I saw the exhibit, Sara Berman’s Closet, and loved reading through her stories and histories. She was an amazing woman and her daughter thought her closet might make an interesting showpiece after she died. I don’t think she was famous, just an ordinary Eastern European Jewish woman who made the journey to Israel/Palestine, then later the US. Reading her immigration stories were interesting too. I love reading old stories and history.

A replica of her closet was outside. As I was looking through the glass, I said to a middle aged woman, “this closet reminds me of how Nan kept her closet! This matches Nan’s closet!” She laughed and said, “I wish my grandma kept this neat of a closet! I don’t even keep this neat of a closet!” I also laughed and said, “me neither.” We both agreed that we were trying to downsize and she loved my ideas of keeping scrapbooks. She thought the scrapbooks were a good way to keep organized. It was a lovely conversation and I am thankful for the experience.

Live Nation sent me a free ticket to see any concert of my choice at the BB&T Stadium in Camden since I haven’t seen a show there since Warped Tour on 13 July 2018. I’m seeing Korn and Alice in Chains on Saturday, free of charge! Woohoo! I’ve seen Alice in Chains live once, nine years ago, but this will be my first time seeing Korn. I’m excited to see them and I have to see if I still have the Korn t-shirt that dad gave me. If not, I have to find my Alice in Chains tee. I hope I didn’t donate either of them.

I saw Samantha today as I was waiting for Lyft. It was a hectic week at my full-time job today, I finally got e-mail and Office access back after four days of nothing. I wanted to e-mail Samantha earlier in the week since her and her hubby are avid concert goers to the BB&T Center. Camden is very dangerous at night, but I don’t want to take Lyft the whole way. I wanted to ask her if there were transit options at the stadium. I didn’t get a chance to e-mail her, but I guess when you speak things into existence, it happens. She called out to me to say hi and I asked her. She told me there is the train and a ferry right there. I have to look into costs and if there are any ferry tickets left. I’m grateful for Samantha’s help.

I’m also grateful for friends and family and all that they do for me. What are you thankful for?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 1 August 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy August to you, dear friend! What a break in your favor to learn about an extension of free admission at the American Jewish Museum throughout the month of August! My mother once showed me an old diary of an ordinary man who lived in our part of Pennsylvania. The entries in the diary dated all the way back to the start of 1900! It was fascinating to read about the man’s daily life, his thoughts, dreams, joys and sorrows. I’m glad you found the same enjoyment reading Sara Berman’s stories and examining her Closet. It’s nice that you had a friendly chat with another visitor to the exhibit and that she thinks your scrapbooking is a great idea. Just in time for your Thankful Thursday update you received a bonus surprise – a free ticket to see any concert of your choosing at the BB&T Stadium in Camden. I am excited to learn that you intend to see two big name bands – Korn and Alice in Chains. I am happy to know that your friend Samantha was helpful in recommending safe forms of transportation out of Camden at night.

    I hope you enjoy the show this Saturday and get back home AOK, dear friend JM!


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