Happy Birthday, Monoxide!


Yesterday was one year since I met Twiztid for a second time at Warped Tour. Their hugs were amazing and they were so happy to see me; it was awesome that they remembered who I am. I also remember wishing Monoxide a happy early birthday and the smile it enlisted. I have the gift of remembering birthdays and important events.

While last year was a luxury of seeing him before his birthday, today is just a normal day. Since I can’t see him in person, here is a blog post for Monoxide. I’ll do one for Madrox on 5 November; his birthday. Twiztid brings me so much joy.

Happy birthday, Monoxide!




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One thought on “Happy Birthday, Monoxide!”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I am well aware that you are a huge Twiztid fan. Thank you for sharing fond memories of seeing and meeting the band for the second time a year ago. I did not know you have a gift for remembering people’s birthdays and other special events. That is a very useful ability. It makes people feel special and important when you remember details such as these about their lives, and when you make them feel good, they welcome you into their circles and gravitate to you. I see that Detroit hip hop rapper Monoxide Child is age 45 today. Happy birthday, Monoxide! 45 is the new 15. The Twiztid vids you posted are music to my ears. I never outgrew my love of hard and heavy sound. I feed off the energy.

    I wish you a safe and happy vacay week ahead, dear friend JM!


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