A Change of Plans

So, I made a change of plans regarding my Asbury Park trip next week. As much as I tried, Tides Hotel is not within reach this vacation. It was $684 and since I’m staying in Brighton Beach for $120 in an Air bnb, that made me over budget. I wanted spending money and just in case money.

I cancelled Tides with no penalty and I’m renting an air bnb through a retired couple in Neptune City for half the price. It’s walkable to transit and it’s a 24 minute bus ride to Asbury Park. That’s doable and I’ll have to call NJ Transit tomorrow to make sure I can use the NJ Transit App for bus fare. Neptune City is also safe and the home is in a very nice area.

I have the plans finalized, but I want to share them with you after my trip. 🙂 I am super excited.

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One thought on “A Change of Plans”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It seems like you made a wise decision. Saving money is important at this stage of the game. Based on what you’ve told us, the air bnb in Neptune City will save lots of money, allow you to get some exercise and fresh air walking to the bus stop, and the travel time by bus to Asbury Park is reasonable. I am sure the ride will give you an opportunity to make new friends on the way. I hope this year’s visit to Asbury will be filled with good times and leave you with happy memories. Have a great Tuesday, dear friend JM!


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