Thankful Sunday: Lazy Sundays at Terry’s

This afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting Terry, one of my library co-workers, this afternoon. She texted me earlier this morning stating 2 PM was fine to come over to swim. At 2, I went over and was greeted by her husband and two of the three cats. Donnie and Alfie were happy to see me. They saw me out to the pool, where Terry greeted me.

This was my first time swimming with Wraith. I took my Go Pro and I didn’t see the photos until I got home, but only one photo has half of Wraith. I have to remember that GoPro is the opposite, so I will have to turn to the right side for better photos. Terry liked Wraith and helped spray on sunscreen. I applied it twice, once an hour, to protect him.

Terry and I chatted as I swam. She did get in for a little bit, but I stayed in for two hours. She has a lovely pool and it was a beautiful day for laps. In the last half an hour, I got out to dry, and we had Pepsi and chatted about different things.

I’m welcomed over anytime and I am very grateful for Terry and her husband. I am grateful for their welcoming nature and including me.

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One thought on “Thankful Sunday: Lazy Sundays at Terry’s”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    What a blessing it is for you to have friends like your library co-worker Terry and her husband! It was very kind of them to give you an open invitation to swim in their pool this summer. They really do have a welcoming nature. The world needs more people like them. I know how uncomfortable the summers in Eastern PA can be. Their pool will enable you to beat the heat. It looks big and deep! You were wise to apply and reapply sunscreen to Wraith to keep him protected. It’s good to see those pictures of you smiling and having fun. Summer’s just begun, and I hope you have many more fun experiences like today’s swim party.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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