Lambertville, NJ | 23 June 2019

This weekend was gorgeous – high 70s, low 80s with low humidity and sun. On Sunday, mom, dad and I went to Lambertville, NJ. Dad drove the 1 hour, 15 minutes and sightseeing through Lahaska, PA, New Hope, PA, and finally Lambertville, NJ, I loved looking at the small shops.

When we arrived in Lambertville, we went to the Lambertville Station. There was a fifteen minute wait for a seat; I decided to walk around the main street as mom and dad waited for a table. I saw many stores with the Pride flags, as well as equality stickers on their windows. I saw the beautiful river, the dogs waiting outside of shops, and I went into a thrift store. It wasn’t too thrifty – $54 for two sock monkeys and $92 for a macrame purse.  I walked out and spent time with the few dogs outside. I also watched people throw pebbles into the river.

As I was walking back to my parents, an older couple stopped me and told me that they loved my shirt. It’s true – love is love and love is unconditional. Everyone deserves love and kindness. I loved the woman’s shirt, from Mary Poppins, and it was a joy chatting with the couple for a few moments. Lambertville was filled with such kindness.

I made it back to my parents a few minutes before mom received the text that our table was ready. We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Lambertville Station. We chatted and laughed; it was a beautiful day full of love. Yesterday was also four weeks since I got the Wraith!


Before we left, I had to get a few photos in the garden. My dad took one of me, then one of me and mom. Mom took one of me and dad. I had another visitor take a photo of me standing on the bridge.

On the way home, I had the joy of seeing a boat cross the Delaware River as we drove back to Pennsylvania. Our bellies were full and it we a lazy drive back.

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One thought on “Lambertville, NJ | 23 June 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Right off the bat, I want to tell you that on our recent trip to Mexico, Mrs. Shady and I encountered the same kind of beautiful weather conditions you enjoyed over the weekend and on on your visit to Lambertville. Every day in the high elevation of the Central Mexican highlands the temp peaked in the upper 70s to low 80s and the humidity remained low. The sun was shining almost every day. We had only one day with overcast and some rain. Whenever you mention New Hope I am reminded of the Philadelphia bar band The Kit Kats who had several regional hit singles in the mid Atlantic states and at the Dell before changing their name to New Hope in 1969.

    On your visit to Lambertville I am happy to know that you encountered Pride flags, equality stickers and other signs of tolerance and unconditional love. It’s what the world needs now. Based on the pictures you took, Lambertville is a charming, clean and friendly town, and it did my heart good to see the smiles on your mom and dad’s faces and on yours. I’m excited to learn that you had such a great time. Happy four week birthday to your Wraith!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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