I was beyond joyful on Tuesday evening when the Philadelphia Orchestra sent around an e-mail that someone donated $55 million and they were giving free tickets for Friday’s Cirque du Symphonie performance. I claimed a ticket printout and while it did say, “first come first serve,” I assumed that if I got there early, I could grab a seat.
Well, well, well. I did get done work early on Friday, ate lunch, went roller skating, then made my way to the Kimmel Center at 4 PM for the 7 PM show. Unfortunately, I had to claim the print out for an actual ticket and the ticket office told me that there was a slew of people at 1 PM and all of the tickets went. It sounded like it was what my uncle and his mother did back in April – get there super early for a free ticket.
I was disappointed and as I was walking back to Center City, I heard guitars blaring from Dilwork Park. I saw an MMR tent and asked what was going on. WMMR is sponsoring free performances on Friday night until July. Siravo was the band playing and they were awesome! I saw a heavy metal orchestra instead. 😉 I stayed for about an hour and had fun rocking out. 





I loved watching the youngest fan dance. 🙂 What started as disappointment turned to joy. When one goes with the flow, amazing things unfold. I had the chance to meet Siravo afterwards, get a photo with them, and had fun chatting.

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One thought on “Siravo”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m sorry you weren’t the early bird to qualify for free tickets to see Cirque du Symphonie but, in football and in life, sometimes a busted play turns into a big gain. I’m happy to know you caught the heavy metal orchestra Siravo at Dilwork Park as a Plan B. They have a great sound. It was heartwarming to see their youngest fan dancing in front of the stage and to see pics of you posing with the band. In a city the size of Philadelphia there are many exciting things to see and do. You found something that turned your frown upside down and turned disappointment into joy. You had a rockin’ good time and I am happy for you.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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