Atlantic City | 25 May 2019

I welcomed in Memorial Day weekend with a day trip to Atlantic City. For the past two years, I’ve trekked down to Atlantic City to welcome in the summer and to catch some waves before my Asbury Park trip in July.

The weather was a bit cool and the water was a balmy 59 degrees. However, I am a fish in human skin and I couldn’t pass up swimming. I spent about 5 hours in the water. It felt great!

I packed lunch and snacks, but I decided to treat myself to dinner. Rainforest Cafe is celiac and allergy friendly, so I decided to check it out. I decided to take the tram car to Rainforest Cafe and had so much fun riding the tram, although the weather was turning chillier.


When I arrived, there was an hour wait, similar to last year, but unlike last year I decided to wait it out. I didn’t want to go home hungry like last year. As I waited, I had someone take some photos of me. Their giftshop was cool.

My patience must have paid off because I was seated 35 minutes later. I’m glad I decided to wait because the food was delicious! The chef actually came out, took my order, and made sure to accomodate all of my food restrictions. I had a quinoa pasta with shrimp and a spicier sauce. Mom calls it shrimp fra diablo, but they called it something else. Although, I told him not to make it too spicy, the diablo part of the dish is always spicy. Mom’s version is the same way. The Rainforest Cafe also added zucchini and other veggies.

The frog mascot also came out and being the adult version of a child, I had to get a photo with frogger. The staff took my photo and I ended up buying a framed copy of the photo. I would totally recommend Rainforest Cafe. Delicious and fun atmosphere.

I left Atlantic City at 8 PM and arrived home by 11 PM. I had a full, but fun day.

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