Remembering Grumpy Cat (4 April 2012 – 14 May 2019)

Every morning I wake up to my Grumpy Cat calendar. This morning was no exception, although I hadn’t changed it in a week. I soon went onto Instagram and saw the heart breaking news.

I’m heartbroken. No, she wasn’t my cat, but I loved her memes just the same. I’ve always wanted to meet her too. 😢 I have a beloved Grumpy Cat shirt that I’ve warn for pretty special occasions.



Grumpy Cat joined me during the Juggalo March in D.C. on 16 September 2017. I went to D.C. for the Brown’s family reunion, had some down time and was able to join the Family for moments of the March, then join the Browns for the moments in their reunion. Yes, I did two things that day and I’m so glad I was able to do both… all with my beloved shirt.

“Vote No On Everything” is very appropriate for Washington, D.C.

Grumpy Cat joined me on a few Asbury Park trips over the past few years.

And since Jamie from Twiztid posted about how saddened he was about Grumpy Cat’s death, here’s a few photos from my 25th birthday – two of my favourites. This was my first Grumpy Cat shirt, the one I bought in 2013, on the eve of my 24th birthday. I wonder if I still have that shirt somewhere.

Grumpy Cat, thank you for the joy and laughs for the past 7 years. Go enjoy a Scotch with Mimi, Olivia, both Woos, and Colonel Meow. 💜

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One thought on “Remembering Grumpy Cat (4 April 2012 – 14 May 2019)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    By chance another blog friend posted a Grumpy Cat meme yesterday and a short time later I read the news that Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat – America’s favorite kitty – had died. Seven years isn’t a long life span for a cat, and so I wondered what happened to her. Just now I read that she succumbed to complications from a UTI. That’s such a shame! Thank you for sharing words and pictures that reveal how much Grumpy Cat meant to you and for showing us your “Vote No On Everything” shirt. I am sure Grumpy Cat is up on Rainbow Bridge with your Mimi and other kitties you’ve loved.

    Have a safe weekend if not a happy one, dear friend JM!


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