Thankful Thursday 16 May 2019

Wow! Another care package from the UK! Even though the Brits are wrongly stereotyped with the tight upper lip and being made of steel, I’ve found that the Brits are some of the kindest people.

Yesterday when dad picked me up from the library, I asked him (as usual) if I had any mail. He responded, “you have a package waiting for you, it’s from outside the US.” I was curious and when we arrived home, I was happy to see it was a surprise package from Katie. Katie is one of my Instagram friends and like Teddy and Sarah, although I haven’t met her face to face yet, we have become more than just internet friends. I have a few friends like that, and it’s nice. Anyway, she sent me a nice little letter, some ads from Manchester in a baggie that Manchester gives out for free to visitors, and inside the bag was some swag from Sad Ghost Club. She knows how much I love Sad Ghost Club, so she decided to surprise me with some stickers, pins, and a patch. I’m beyond verklempt and I feel so grateful. She is moving in the fall, after she moves, I will send her something bigger than postcards and pictures.

I’m grateful for my local friends too. Christina and Tiarra have been my rock this year – I’m thinking about doing something special (and different) for my third decade of life. Nothing too drastic, but I’ve been chatting with Christina and Tiarra about it and they think I should. They both have said, “life is too short. If you want to do something, do it!” They will be there for me. I’m also grateful for Marsha and Claire.

I’m grateful for dad since he takes me in the morning, three days per week to the train, he’s helping me save money. Well, not only that, but because he wants to and has always loved doing things with me. He enjoys it and I’m daddy’s girl, so I think that’s why he enjoys it. Regardless, I am thankful for dad and for his love.

I saw Jack yesterday! We’re slowly blooming into friends, I think! He’s seeing the Fugees tomorrow night and we were chatting about that. I said, “I would love to see if there are still tickets available, but I’m seeing Machine Gun Kelly on 4 June.” He responded, “I love Kells! I would love to see him.” We chatted about it for a little while before he had to get off of the train. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

What are you thankful for?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 16 May 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy Thankful Thursday, dear friend!

    Right off the bat you made a key point. People everywhere are subjected to wrongful stereotyping. There are good and bad people of every race in every nation. When you meet a stranger, assume he or she is a friend until they prove otherwise. Make sure you don’t read something into their facial expression, words or deeds that isn’t actually there. People of different cultures might use different types of words, gestures and body language. They might require a different amount of personal space in face-to-face encounters. Don’t be guilty of misinterpreting them. I am thrilled that you found a good friend in the UK – Katie – and that she sent you that care package. I needed to look up Sad Ghost Club and “ghosties.” It seems like a wonderful club. I too am verklempt. In addition to Katie you can be thankful for your other friends: Teddy and Sarah, Christina and Tiarra, Marsha and Claire, Jack (and Shady). Week in and week out, your dad comes through for you, helping you in so many ways. Give thanks for him and for your mom.

    Enjoy your Friday and weekend, dear friend JM!


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