Nan’s 96th Birthday

Today would have been Nan’s 96th birthday. Her birthday tradition was baking a Betty Crocker yellow cake, decorating it with whipped cream and strawberries: A STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE! I was over the moon to see that Betty Crocker has a gluten-free yellow cake mix;  I made a gluten and lactose free yellow cake topped with dairy free coconut milk whipped cream and strawberries.

Her last birthday with us was in 2012, when she turned 89. It’s crazy to think that she was diagnosed with lung cancer two months later, and was given six months. Her lung cancer came back after 15 years. She decided that at 89, she didn’t want chemo and wanted to spend her last six months with us. Anyway, I’m going to copy the blog entry (from blogger) from that day on Friday, 4 May 2012.

Nan turned 89 yesterday. We (Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dave, Mom, Dad and I) took her to Legal Seafood to celebrate her birthday.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave returned from Italy a few weeks ago and bought Nan a beautiful photo made of lace from Venice. Nan loved it and I can’t wait to see where she will place it.

Happy birthday, Nan. I miss you. I’m thankful for the 23 years of love, laughs, smiles, and adventures.

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