It’s Time For Juice! | Juice (featuring Dylan Dunlap and Z By Z) | World Cafe Live |10 April 2019



This will mostly be a photo entry. I am going to try a new format with music: I’m not going to rely on words as much, but mostly the rhythm and beats of their songs. I will share some videos with you as well as the photos.

I really wish I captured some video of Dylan Dunlap because he was amazing. That is when I was fiddling with my camera, but I still danced and grooved to his beat. Dylan Dunlap, fortunately, is on YouTube. Here is one of my favourites:


Z by Z! A Philadelphia based band that sounds like they are from the Islands. While I was listening and dancing, I couldn’t help but think of Death in Paradise, one of my favourite shows. They were talented and I did like their blend of reggae and rock.



Juice! Juice, Juice, Juice. Ah, I love Juice. I love their rhythm and blend of many genres of music. I felt so much energy and positive vibes, it felt so good. I love Juice and I think I might make 7 June happen in NYC. πŸ™‚





Christian Rose is an amazing talent too. He is an amazing rapper AND violin player. I loved the guitar and violin jam. πŸ™‚


Until next show, enjoy your helping of Juice! As well as the delicious sounds of Dylan Dunlap and Z by Z. Feel free to peruse my photo album from the show as well:Β It’s Time For Juice

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One thought on “It’s Time For Juice! | Juice (featuring Dylan Dunlap and Z By Z) | World Cafe Live |10 April 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You turned an exciting triple play at World Cafe Live, dear friend! I remember Dylan Dunlap and the Juice band from your recent post and enjoyed listening to these highlight clips. Dylan has a great performance video running on YouTube. I like his intimate yet strong vocals and the song is a joy to hear. Your buds Juice are amazing. What a unique band to have a rapping violinist! They have a blue-eyed soul style that’s the real deal. “The Juice is on the loose!” πŸ™‚ I also enjoyed the rockin’ reggae style of Z by Z. This was surely a fun-filled outing for you and another chance to soak up some positive vibes.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend JM!


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