Thankful Thursday 11 April 2019

It’s Thursday already? Since I’ve been trying to mix it up during the week, I went to a show last night and my day has been thrown off. I took off from the library last night to see Juice and the regulars who work on Wednesday were in because the Thursday regulars were out sick, I had to do a double take! Fortunately, the reference regular for Thursday was in, so it reminded me it was Thursday.

Last night I saw Juice, as I mentioned above, and it was amazing. On the way to World Cafe Live, I ran into Mohammed on the bus and we recognized each other. I met Mohammed and his wife, Sofia, at Gardens Speak back in September. It was great to catch up; it truly is a small world. Ironically, I was thinking about them the other week.

Juice was amazing. I’m going to write a longer post at some point this weekend (maybe tomorrow, I’m taking my aunt to the Orchestra on Saturday). Before the show started, I ran into Ben, the lead singer for Juice, and introduced myself. I also mentioned that I was the one that sent them the holiday card back in December and he said, “oh yes! Thank you so much for the card. We loved it and we love how you have supported us.” When he gathered half of the band for a group photo, he announced that I was the one that sent the card and they all exclaimed how the card made their holidays. They are on the road a lot and it was a nice reminder that they are thought of. Unfortunately, the first photo was dark and blurry (gotta love college students who take photos).

After the show, Ben and Christian agreed to another photo – photos – because they made sure they looked great. I am thankful for their kindness and I am thankful that they are gracious to their fans. Dylan Dunlap, one of the opening acts, was just as graceful. I bought Dylan’s CD, he signed it and agreed to a photo.

Here is a teaser of Juice:


Also, I asked a young lady for some camera help. I haven’t really brought my DSLR camera to shows in a few years and I’m rusty. I didn’t want the photos to turn out as dark as they did for Jac with No K. She explained that she shoots at 1/60, F5, manual. I turned my camera to that and it was perfect. I am grateful and next time I see Jac, I will have to remember that. I know I’ll have to play around a little. I love photography, but I am not ashamed to ask for help or pointers when I need it.

On Tuesday, I experienced kindness from both jobs. A girl from collections that I chat with every morning remembered that I am gluten-free and gave me a big bag of gluten-free chips. I thanked her up and down. At the library, I ran into John, the former computer club instructor at the senior center. I was thinking about him the other day and I was so happy to see him. We caught up and he said to me, “thank you for thinking of me and thank you for sending me your stories and travels. Reading your stories and seeing your photos brought me joy as I recovered from my heart attack. Please don’t stop sending me e-mails.” I feel grateful and loved.

I’m also thankful for friends and family. What are you thankful for?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 11 April 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m thrilled that you truly have many things for which to be thankful this Thursday. You are giving kindness and getting it in return. One example is Juice, the band from Boston. I read that they play a mix of genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, and R&B, and that they are known for their elaborate harmonies and extended violin and guitar jams. They sounded great on the video you posted. I’m delighted that the lead singer and other band members remembered the card you sent and acknowledged you for the supportive gesture. It was wonderful that the Juice guys and their opening act, Dylan Dunlap, all enthusiastically agreed to pose with you for pictures. Now you can say you had your picture taken with “Dylan” and impress Baby Boomers. 🙂 It was nice of the young lady to give you good advice on your camera settings. It warms my heart that two co-workers also gave you your props, and one also gave you a bag of g-f chips. It’s plain to see that you are making a difference, Jessica.

    Enjoy your Friday and weekend, dear friend JM, and please join me at Shady’s Place this Saturday, April 13, when I will post another special birthday tribute. Thank you!


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