A Hungry Pigeon Type Evening

Last night I broke from normal tradition when it comes to the last Friday of the month – I didn’t go to the Art Museum and didn’t see their final Friday. They are renovating and the bus doesn’t pick up near the Art Museum and I have to walk a few blocks. While it’s usually no big deal, last week it was miserable, cold and I was getting over acute bronchitis – it wasn’t appreciated last week and I didn’t feel like doing it this week. I’ll return in May (April’s Final Friday is Def Poetry and has a $50 fee attached).

Instead, I decided to have dinner at the Hungry Pigeon and after go to Barnes and Noble. However, before I trekked down to South Street, I wanted to head to Arch Street and go to the sock shop. I always passed Philly Socks on Sundays before skating, but the shop was never opened. I needed new socks since I go through socks like water.

Fortunately, Philly Socks was opened and I will be honest, I was a bit surprised when I walked in. The shop always display funny, hip socks in the window, and I assumed a young, urban professional owned the shop. Instead, it was an older Italian man, who was extremely sweet and helpful. He reminded me of my great uncle – who made socks (ironically) before he moved (and later died in) Arizona. I hadn’t seen him for 20 years and since he died two years ago, I don’t have that opportunity anymore, but the owner reminded me so much of him.

Last month when I walked by, I saw Drake socks in the window. They said, “God’s Plan, Ask and It is Given”.  When I walked in, he noticed my Blue Jays jersey and asked if I was from Toronto. I said no, but was hoping to move there one day. He smiled and I asked him if he still had the Drake socks – he handed me a the only pair left. He saw me look at the Canadian flag socks he had hanging up, then suggested the socks with all of the Canadian PMs. I couldn’t resist. I also found “professional” socks that I can wear with my work clothes. As I was checking out, I told him my needs – heavy, good quality socks, since I go through socks like water. He reassured me his socks were high quality and they are. He thanked me for the business and I was so happy with not only the product, but customer service. I’ll go back in the summer to pick up some more socks for the fall.


Friday was a beautiful day and it was a nice walk to South Street. Since Friday was so nice, for the first half an hour I sat at the bar at the Hungry Pigeon, the restaurant was empty. I guess 5:15 is a bit early for dinner, but I enjoyed the lull of activities. I had the opportunity to chat with the manager and my waiter. My waiter was great, he was knowledgeable of gluten-free (actually, all of the waiters are and I am most grateful about their knowledge) and suggested socca for dinner. A Middle Eastern chickpea flour with grilled carrots, vinegar onions, and Labneh. It was good. Filling and needed a doggy bag (this will be Sunday’s lunch).

By 5:35, the crowd was picking up, and when I left at 6:10, there were no tables left. An older couple came in and sat next to me and as I was eating ice cream, my cute waiter suggested socca to the older woman. I said to her, “you will love it. I just had it – it was savory and tasty, a dinner pancake, and it’s filling.” She smiled and thanked me, she couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into it.

Before I left, I asked my waiter for a selfie. He agreed and the older woman said to me afterwards, “that’s my nephew. He’s a great guy.” She smiled and I smiled too, “I come here a lot and this is my favourite place. He’s one of my favourites too.” I left and I realized that I forgot his name! Since I paid in cash, he took the check away, and I didn’t get a receipt with a name. Next time I go back, I’ll remember to take the check since I’m teaching myself to pay for most things in cash.

I took the bus to Barnes and Noble. I wanted to buy Jesse Duquette’s The Daily Don and according to B & N’s website, they had copies in store. I didn’t see the book with the new releases and I asked a staff member. He went out of his way to search the computer, walk through two floors to find this book. There wasn’t a copy in store, but he put in an order. This morning, Jesse responded to an e-mail I wrote a few weeks ago asking if he could sign a book for me when it was released. He apologized for not seeing this sooner, but he would be honoured to do so. $20 for a signed book, that includes shipping and handling. I guess it worked out in my favour that B & N didn’t have the book since I will now have a signed copy – the signed copy plus S & H, will cost me what I would have paid at B & N without the signature. Actually, it’s cheaper because it would have been $22 after taxes. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

I listened to the Blue Jay’s game on the way home. They won!

Today’s entry in the Farmer’s Almanac is a simple phrase, “a kind word is like a spring day.” Spring is finally here and the kindness of both Philly Socks and Hungry Pigeon yesterday testify the validity of that assessment.

I’m thinking about writing Hungry Pigeon a thank you note, thanking them for the care they take of me for ensuring a safe dining experience. Also, the staff is kind and make the dining experience too. Would that be too much?


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2 thoughts on “A Hungry Pigeon Type Evening”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You should have called this post “Sox in the City.” 🙂 I am happy you have discovered that older folks, like the Italian gentleman who owns Philly Socks (and like me, Shady), can be just as cool as a young person. That pair of socks bearing the images of Canadian Prime Minsters is so unusual that I would hesitate to wear them, but rather keep them sealed in a dust free plastic bag preserved as a collectible. I can easily understand why the Hungry Pigeon is your favorite restaurant. Your waiter was friendly and helpful and well versed on gluten-free menu selections. That socca dish he recommended looks incredible, and I would love to try it someday. I am sure you will also devour that book of political cartoons The Daily Don: All the News That Fits into Tiny, Tiny Hands, and it’s great that you are getting a copy signed by author Jesse Duquette at a very good price. How could it be “too much” for you to write a note of appreciation to the folks at the Hungry Pigeon? They will most certainly appreciate the positive review and might even display your note at the entrance for customers to read on their way in.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


    1. You know, Shady, after examining the socks, you’re right! I’m going to just display the Canadian Prime Minister socks. They’re too cool to wear. 🙂 I think I’ll save the God’s Plan socks for skating since they are really big. Maybe for Friday dress down day too.

      Tonight I’m going to write both Jesse and the Hungry Pigeon a nice letter of thanks. 🙂


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