New York City Adventures on the Last Day of Winter

Exploring the Big Apple is always an adventure and the last day of winter brought some beautiful weather.
I began my morning with ice skating. I decided to pay for a lesson and I am glad I did because I learned how to skate in circles, change direction, how to prevent myself from falling, and how to stop. Erin was a great instructor and very patient with me. It was a 45 minute lesson, then I had an hour of free-skating. I was really moving on the ice and it was so much fun. I want to share two videos with you:
I did fall once and a nice young lady helped me up, then gave me some other pointers too. I met quite a few nice people on the rink and we all had fun skating. I liked the music they played – oldies and the classics, I found 60s pop and 70s rock was nicer to skate to. It felt more serious than kiddie pop. I felt like the next Nancy Kerrigan. Okay, maybe not, but hopefully one day!  I also loved looking at Prometheus as I glided and spun around. The sun was shining brightly, yet the ice wasn’t melting. The pigeons were also around and I enjoyed feeding them. I love pigeons and always find joy with them.
The session ended at noon and while my stomach was grumbling, I decided that I wanted to explore Rockafeller Plaza some more and take photos. The gardens right near Kate Spade and the other high end stores were gorgeous and fun to explore. There were a lot of photo ops here, but even more photo ops when I walked to 30 Rock, the Rainbow Room, and Radio City Music Hall. I saw a couple of photographers capturing action shots of their friends crossing the street in front of Radio City Music Hall; I asked one of the photographers if she would mind capturing a few photos for me and she did. The action shots were fun and I think in November or December, I might have to catch a show at Radio City… maybe I’ll plan to see the Rockettes. 
Over the winter, I discovered a magazine called Gluten-Free Living at Wegmans and in their spring issue, they published an article about GF eating in NYC. They suggested a place called the Little Beet, which has several restaurants throughout the city. There was a Little Beet restaurant a few blocks away from The Rainbow Row/30 Rock and I decided that I would try it. On my walk, there was a section on the Avenue of America that housed food trucks, and it smelled tempting. However, I know most trucks can’t guarantee GF and I opted to take photos of all the people congregated waiting for their food. 
Apparently, city, restaurant, and subway photography is my specialty! Some call them random shots and maybe they are, but I find these subjects interesting; especially the New York subway system. New York’s MTA and Toronto’s TTC are my favourites. 
Anyway, I found the Little Beet and it was crowded. It took me about twenty minutes to get my food, and the sweet potato chicken bowl I ordered was well worth the wait. It was delicious and 100% guiltin’ free. I love that trademark of their’s (100% guiltin’ free). It also wasn’t expensive, which I appreciated even more. 
After I ate, I walked to the subway and took the B to Brighton Beach. I could have taken the D to Coney Island, but I missed that and Brighton Beach was close to Coney Island. It was an hour ride and I loved looking at the scenery. However, when I arrived to Brighton Beach and waited for the Q to Coney Island, I was amazed with how beautiful Brighton Beach was. The sun shining, the beach in the distance, and the nice homes. My cousin lives in Brooklyn now, so I texted my aunt for his number as I waited for the Q. She replied as I was riding on the Q, but unfortunately, my cousin was at work and couldn’t meet up. We are going to plan for the summer, hopefully.
Coney Island was neat and it looks like a lot of fun. The amusement park was closed and I was tempted to visit the aquarium, but I didn’t want to pay $25 for only a 45 minute tour (I arrived at 2:45, the aquarium closes at 3:30 in the off season, I could easily spend a few hours in an aquarium) and went to the beach. I set up my towel, kicked off my shoes, rolled up my pants, and walked down to the water. I was going to do a polar plunge, but since I am recovered from my acute bronchitis, I only dipped my feet instead. I walked in the water, watched the seagulls, and the few ships sailing. I spent about an hour and a half on the beach, and I loved sitting from the distance to watch people walk their dogs. It was quiet and peaceful.
I also walked the boardwalk and sadly, most things were closed. Nathan’s was also closed, but I was able to take photos. There was a souvenir shop and I found this little glass. I don’t drink anymore, but this was too cute to pass up – I’m going to use it as decoration.
When I spend a few days in Asbury Park over the summer, I want to go back to Coney Island and experience the beach when everything is opened.
I ended my evening at Friedman’s, a deli with many GF options. I love their GF Reuben and ordered that since I don’t eat them often anymore. My mouth was watering and it was well worth the wait. Friedman’s was the perfect way to wrap up my day in NYC.
I added a few photos to my Happiness Box and I am planning on making a scrapbook of the day. I did find a few shells on the beach and unfortunately only one did not break in my purse (that went into my Happiness Box). The two that broke, I’m researching whether or not I can place the broken pieces in a scrapbook. I also found some feathers and might include them too.
I had a great time and it was a great way to say goodbye to Winter 2018-2019. Thank you for reading my stories; I hope that you enjoyed the photos.

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