A Night of Ice Skating | 8 March 2019

Now that the season for outdoor ice skating has come to an end, I transition to indoor ice skating (when money allows) until roller skating in May, for the summer.

Despite the incident I had two years ago where a teenage boy harassed me, I decided to keep going back in 2018 and now this year. I didn’t see him in 2018 and everyone I met through skating have been kind to me.

Well, last night was no different! The photo below is from April 2018, but I ran into this kind young lady last night and she remembered me! She was happy to see me because she hasn’t seen me in a year. She gave me a big hug and said I’m doing great with ice skating! ❤⛸


There are days where I feel like I’m not a great ice skater, but her compliment cheered me up. I said, “Thank you. I still have that photo from last year.” She smiled back and said, “so do I!” I know she’s only a young teenager, but I try to be kind to everyone regardless of their stage in life. Besides, I remember when I was her age, I loved being around adults and was always happy when one of the adults stopped doing what they were doing and paid attention to me. I like to return the favour now that I’m an adult. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy.

Dylan, we chatted for half of the session, he had to leave at 8:30. He was pretty friendly and seemed kind. He was interesting to chat with and we exchanged Instragram usernames to keep in touch. I rather keep in touch that way.



I skated without using the wall as much! I did well and I am proud of myself. I flew and glided, I had so much fun.


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One thought on “A Night of Ice Skating | 8 March 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I can hardly believe it’s been two years since you told us about that rude teenage boy harassing you at the rink. I’m glad he has disappeared and very happy to see that the friendly young girl reappeared again this year, remembered you and was happy to get reacquainted. You are doing the right thing by paying it forward and being kind and attentive to a younger person. Nice to see the selfie you took with Dylan, another young friend to stay in touch with. It looks like your skating is really coming along. The better you get at something, the more fun it becomes. I applaud you for not giving up when you needed to use the walker all those times.

    Don’t forget to spring forward tonight, then have a super Sunday and a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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