The Year of the Boar | A Celebration Fit for an Emperor | Philadelphia Chinatown | 10 February 2019

Last Sunday I ventured into Philadelphia for the Sun’s yearly Chinese New Year Celebration. However, before I could celebrate and partake in festivities, I had to take a breakfast stop. A little cafe I discovered on South Street in 2011 came in handy again. I hadn’t visited from March 2017 until going in by chance before a dinner reservation at the Hungry Pigeon on 28 December 2018. The owner told me they have gluten-free options and I decided to stop there for breakfast. Red Hook was my favourite place in college and it’s becoming my favourite place again – their GF bagels and baked goods are delicious, without breaking the bank.

After filling up on gluten-free goods from Red Hook Cafe, I took Lyft to Chinatown. The driver couldn’t take me to the Friendship Arch since the roads were closed for the parade, however, the spot he dropped me off at was prime for action. It was the beginning of the parade route and I could see the Suns set up. I also saw the shops set up.


A few times I felt like I was in the Suns because I was walking in the parade route snapping away. I ended up taking 451 photos!  I ended up dancing with a few of the Lions as I gave them my prosperity envelopes. I’m thankful that the head of the Suns allowed such a moment and snapped a picture of the experience for me.

To end the day, I walked back down to South Street and had a delicious New Years dinner at Banh Mi and Bottles. I had a gluten-free Banh Mi sandwich and pho. Banh Mi and Bottles is one of my favourite places; I also love Pho 20, but they do not carry GF Banh Mi like Banh Mi and Bottles does. Both places are good and Bahn Mi and Bottles helped end a memorable day.


I hope your New Year is filled with many blessings and joy. Happy Year of the Boar!

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One thought on “The Year of the Boar | A Celebration Fit for an Emperor | Philadelphia Chinatown | 10 February 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy Year of the Boar to you, dear friend!

    I have a question (and answer) for you:

    Where do all the hippest meet? (South Street, South Street)
    Where the dancin’ is elite (South Street, South Street) 🙂

    I would love to savor the ambiance of South Street in Philadelphia, the district that inspired the hit song and record by The Orlons years ago. I drove through Philly with a friend in 1968, visited the city in 1978 to attend a Phillies game, and drove there one last time in 1983 to attend a seminar. I moved to Florida the following year and haven’t been back to Philly since.

    The Red Hook Cafe looks like a cool place and I would love to try their GF baked goods. I imagine the aroma hit you the moment you walked in the door. The Chinatown parade looks spectacular. How many people can boast that they danced with Lions? 🙂 Good heavens! You topped off the day with dinner at another quaint eatery – Banh Mi and Bottles. A Banh Mi sandwich and pho surely hit the spot after the excitement of attending the parade.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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