An Evening with Michelle Lordi at the Philadelphia Museum of Art | 15 February 2019

Last night I ventured to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see Michelle Lordi perform. She is a local jazz artist and I first heard her in August 2017 when she performed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Unfortunately, I missed her the time she performed last year, and I wasn’t going to miss her this time!

I arrived at 5:30, after running some errands, and I found a spot on the staircase. A gentleman was sitting on the step behind me and he had a gift bag right beside him. The staircase has limited room and after a few times of bumping into the bag, I asked him if I was taking someone’s seat. He said, “No, she hasn’t shown up yet. If you want to get more comfortable, I have a blanket spread out and you’re welcome to sit here.”

I was surprised and I said, “when she gets here, I’ll move.” He frowned and said, “I’m not quite sure if she will be showing up. I texted her a few times and heard nothing.” He was a middle aged man, probably a few years younger than my dad, and I was shocked that people of a certain age still stand people up! I felt for him because he had a bag filled with pretty pink roses.

She never did show up and we enjoyed Michelle Lordi together. His name was Nick, he is also a member of the art museum, and we hope to see each other again for a Friday After 5 performance. I empathized with him about being stood up, and he simply said, “it’s okay. Thank you for enjoying the show with me. It was nice meeting you.”

Who would have thought? I enjoyed my evening too.

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One thought on “An Evening with Michelle Lordi at the Philadelphia Museum of Art | 15 February 2019”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I remember your post two years ago after you went to see Michelle Lordi at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I’m happy to know you didn’t miss her performance two years in a row. How fortunate for you and for that man, Nick, that you happened to sit next to him. Like you I simply cannot believe people of his age or any age think it is okay to ghost someone. There are more mature, polite ways of withdrawing from a date. Standing someone up without a single word of explanation is unacceptable. Nick was a true gentleman for taking rejection in stride. I hope you and he meet again at the museum’s Friday After 5 performance.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend JM!


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