An Afternoon Stroll and Evening Tea

Yesterday started out as rainy and gray; I even bought a train ticket because I felt that I wouldn’t be able to walk anywhere. Last month when I walked the three miles from my full-time job in Miquon to Manayunk, I picked up a free local magazine that was featuring a Persian tea house. Safa sounded neat and a must try place – it’s easier to get Middle Eastern food gluten-free than some British tearooms here (who would have thought since Celiac disease affects the British and Irish more than any other population) – for a Friday evening. I was planning on going straight into Philadelphia, having dinner at Simply Banh Mi and checking out the Art Museum.

WELL, to my surprise, the sun popped out from behind the clouds at around noon and I decided to take the 3.8 mile, hour and a half walk to Safa Teahouse in Manayunk. I’m glad I did because the walk, although blustery and cold, was beautiful. The sky was a clear blue and the clouds really illustrated the sky. The leaves were blowing around and the sun glittered on the Schuylkill River. The Canadian geese were enjoying the water too. I love walking the trail and I’m glad the sun decided to come out.

I’m also glad the sun came out because it gave me an opportunity to go to my new favourite tea house. Safa Persian Tea House was amazing and that’s an understatement. Amin and his mother were friendly, helpful, and hospitable. I had an eggplant dish with carrots and celery instead of the pita and it was to die for. I also ordered fig tea, which was sweetened by saffron rock candy, then Garden of Eden tea. I also sampled a saffron ice cream with rose buds. Yum! I have a little crush on Amin, he was so friendly and I liked chatting with him. His mother took a photo of us, which I added to my Happiness Box. *InLove2*

I can’t wait to go back to Safa Persian Teahouse! I might have to write a few pieces for my portfolio.

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One thought on “An Afternoon Stroll and Evening Tea”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You demonstrated flexibility by changing plans at the last minute and taking a walk instead of the train. It was no doubt better for you. You enjoyed the fresh, cold, invigorating air, watched waterfowl swimming and feeding, and gained serenity during the 3.8 mile, hour and a half walk to Safa Teahouse in Manayunk. Once there you were greeted by friendly staff, Amin and his mother, and enjoyed a delicious meal. I would love to try that eggplant dish with carrots and celery, the teas and the ice cream. You collected more great pictures on the way to Manayunk and inside your favorite tea house. I am happy for you.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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