A Night in China Town

After ice skating, I decided to have a hot pho dinner at Pho 20. Walking through China Town is always a joy and it was lovely watching the sun set behind the Arch. I love the Arch that welcomes visitors into China Town and it was special watching the sun illuminate the gold. I was a shutterbug.

5 February is the Chinese New Year – Year of the Boar – and I decided to go into the Sanrio store (Hello Kitty store) to see if they sold prosperity envelopes that I had out to the Lion Dancers and other people who celebrate. Unfortunately, Sanrio doesn’t sell the prosperity envelopes and I’ll have to buy them at Wegmans, but I loved seeing the Gudetame products. Gudetame is one of my favourites.


I continued my journey on towards Pho 20 and I passed a shop called Mr. Wish. I’ve passed this shop several times in both China Town and at the King of Prussia Mall, but never went inside. I was always reserved about it because of the name, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I decided that I would try the shop after dinner – it would be an evening of trying something new.

Pho 20 was crowded, but I found a seat. I knew what I wanted: pho ga ma (chicken pho) and lemon soda. They are my favourite, though the beef brisket pho is delicious too. As I waited for my dinner, Pho 20 was playing the news and I was listening to Roger Stone’s arrest and indictment. As I was waiting for dinner, I was watching history. I was living through my own Richard Nixon incident, which is ironic since Stone sees Nixon as an idol and was posturing Nixon’s attitude. Also, the government shutdown was ending. I was living history in a Vietnamese restaurant, which was irony in of itself.


Then my chicken pho came out and all sound ceased, except for slurping and chomping. The homemade pho was flavourful and the steam warmed my insides. Pho truly is the perfect comfort food for after ice skating. My heart and soul were warmed afterward, so much so that I bought a Pho 20 t-shirt. Why not? The staff is warm and friendly, I am glad to support their restaurant. I also love watching the employees chop vegetables for the pho at the big table in the center. There is something warm about that too.


Ah, Mr. Wish. The only teas I could drink were their regular teas and fruit teas. The milk teas were out (lactose intolerant) and the boboa teas were out too (not gluten-free). I ordered the mango tea and I was pleasantly surprised – it was delicious. I loved the atmosphere of Mr. Wish because it was so cheerful. I will definitely go back!

What a fun Friday evening. 🙂

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One thought on “A Night in China Town”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I know Mrs. Shady and I would enjoy exploring China Town. Thanks for taking me along with you. I would also love to taste that hot pho dinner at Pho 20 and have it warm my insides on a cold winter’s day. (It has been quite cold here in Florida for weeks now!) I am very happy to know you were an eyewitness to history as you watched the national news while awaiting your dinner. Mrs. Shady and I are dancing a jig over the latest developments. I have heard of Hello Kitty, but didn’t know about the lazy egg yoke Gudetama, one of more than 400 cute characters created by the Sanrio company. That company has a lucrative enterprise going, don’t they? Mr. Wish looks like a nice shop, too, and I love mango tea.

    What a great time you had after skating! That makes me happy. Enjoy the week ahead, dear friend JM!


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