Friday Night Skating 11 January 2019

Last night I ventured into the city and went ice skating. I actually walked from my full-time job to Manayunk and had a nice hike. It was freezing — 28 degrees F — but the cold air hitting my face was refreshing. Yes, I love winter and the cold. When I arrived in Manayunk, my attention was diverted to a restaurant. They were closed, but one of the workers gave me a menu and said they can make oatmeal and tater tots gluten free for me. Next time, I’ll have to go before 3pm. As I waited for the bus into the city, I picked up a magazine and there is an Iranian tea house in Manayunk that I want to try.

I skated without an ice walker and met some kind people. One was a photographer and took a few photos of me with my camera. We had a blast and I also had a blast taking photos of the rink.

A little snafu with trying to eat out last night. Find Me GF led to me to a GF Korean place, but when I arrived, they had foods I wouldn’t eat. I also can’t do dairy or soy for the same reasons as gluten. It was also mostly pork based and I can’t do that for religious reasons. I found the restaurant Charlie was a sinner, but after twenty minutes of waiting and no sign of a table, I left. All of the gluten free restaurants stretching from 11th-13th and Market Streets lost power and no one could dine. I ended up going home hangry and warming up a frozen dinner in the microwave. Next week I’ll just make reservations somewhere.

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One thought on “Friday Night Skating 11 January 2019”

  1. Hi Jessica Marie!

    This was one of your most worthwhile explorations ever. You enjoyed a long walk in the brisk winter air which you found invigorating. I am reminded of a quote from my favorite movie, Ruby In Paradise, the musings of the title character Ruby Lee Gissing (Ashley Judd) when she is immersed in the chilly waters of the Gulf of Mexico at Panama City Beach. Ruby observed that “cold water can wake you up,” a metaphor meaning that a shock to your senses can help you to focus, think more clearly, break old patterns and move in a new direction. I believe long walks in the cold air give you the same benefits.

    On your journey to the ice rink, you obtained the menu for an eatery that offers GF oatmeal and tater tots. Next you discovered an ad for an Iranian tea house in Manayunk that you can try. You took a nice series of pictures along the river. I enjoy watching ducks swimming in formation and feeding. You skated walker-free and met a kind person who snapped excellent pics of you having fun on the ice.

    It was a stroke of misfortune at the end of the day when you couldn’t find a GF restaurant and needed to go home hungry. I doubt that will happen again if you plan ahead and make reservations. All in all it was a wonderful day as I view it from this side of the screen.

    Have a great week, dear friend JM!


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