Holiday 2018

We kicked off the holiday season on 21 December when mom, Aunt Sylvia, and I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. We saw them last year and they never disappoint. We were rocking to carols for two hours and it was just a fun time.

On 23 December, we had a holiday get-together at Aunt Kathy’s and played a fun white elephant game. We spent the evening chatting and laughing.

24 December – I found a gluten-free bacalla recipe! Actually, it was for fish and chips, but it would work for bacalla. I ended up having to run to Wegmans to buy another gluten-free flour without the Xanthum gum and I needed club soda. I saw a man in the gluten-free aisle, I asked him if he was gluten-free too and when he said he was, I asked him if I could fry with this flour. He used the flour for frying before and was a big help. He gave me some other suggestions too. I felt grateful. I then ran into a library co-worker and she dropped me off at home. My heart was full and the gluten-free bacalla came out delicious!

Christmas Eve Night – Chinese Food and Movie Night at the Workhorse Tavern. I found some gluten-free food items: Hunan beef and white rice. A family invited me to play shuffle board with them, in which they showed me how to play. It was a lot of fun and I felt grateful that they included me.

Christmas Day – a day filled with love, joy, and togetherness. My co-workers gave me some beautiful, thoughtful gifts. My library bosses gave me an “I Love Books” umbrella and a library mug. Another library co-worker gave me essential oils and a Panera gift card. Kathleen (from the full-time job) gave me a candle lamp. I feel grateful for my parents as well. Yesterday was a wonderful day.

I know this isn’t very elaborate, but the past four days have been filled with much joy and I’ve been taking photos of the joyful moments.

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One thought on “Holiday 2018”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Wow, you had a wonderful string of days leading up to and including Christmas. It brings me joy to read about all the places you went and things you did and to see pictures with lots of smiling faces. I remember when you went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra last year. Their music is exhilarating and you took some colorful pics. I remember posts from years past when you and your family gathered at Aunt Kathy’s. White elephant games get everybody laughing and in a good mood. You made a gluten-free friend at Wegmans, someone who was happy to give recipe advice. The bacalla looks delicious. You made more friends at that tavern when a family invited you to join them in a game of shuffleboard. Gifts galore from co-workers and a happy Christmas Day spent with your parents. You enjoyed many happy moments this holiday period and I hope you continue to have more in 2019.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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