Holidays with Marsha (8 December 2018)

On Saturday, I met up with Marsha and we had lunch together. We were supposed to meet at the food court at the King of Prussia Mall at 10 am, but as I was walking to the food court I ran into Marsha! We hugged, handed each other the gifts, wished each other Happy Holidays and went on our merry way shopping. We went into Hallmark and laughed over cards, then walked to the Court to go to the stores there. Marsha and I bonded as we finished shopping for our parents’ gifts. 
My stomach was gurgling and we decided to go to the California Pizza Kitchen since they have gluten-free options. I decided to take a little peak of what Marsha gave me, I read the beautiful card she wrote me, but I’m going to open the full gift on Christmas. Marsha loved her gift and we caught up over a delicious lunch. We shared laughs and it just felt great to spend time with one of my friends before the holidays.

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One thought on “Holidays with Marsha (8 December 2018)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Over the years I have been following your blogs, I have witnessed several of these happy meetings with Marsha. She is a wonderful friend and it makes me happy to know the two of you hit if off, enjoy the same activities and exchange thoughtful cards and gifts. I can’t wait for you to play “show and tell” and reveal what Marsha gave you for Christmas.

    I don’t think I ever visited the King of Prussia Mall but, in 1983, the year before I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, I took a date down your way. We dined at Lily Langtry’s Restaurant and Showplace and then went to see The Righteous Brothers perform at a venue in nearby Valley Forge. Saturday, December 8, the day you and Marsha got together, marked the 38th anniversary of the assassination of the great John Lennon.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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