Thankful Sunday 4 November 2018

I didn’t take pictures of the book discussion today, but I am always grateful for the book discussion group. It is small and I think that is what makes it so welcoming, especially since I am the youngest one in the group. I joined when I was a senior in high school and while I took a few year break during college, it’s refreshing. Two of my former profs lead the discussion and it was so nice seeing the one today. She always gives me a hug and since Wednesday is the five year anniversary, I needed the peace today. I was surrounded by long time friends and it cheered me up.

I’m also thankful that the playground at my old elementary school reopened two months ago. My old school was 50 years old and they rebuilt it last year, finally finishing in September. I missed the playground and the new playground makes up for the year-long closure. I’m a bit scared to go down the twisty, closed slide because I am afraid I’ll get stuck, but the kiddy slide is fun enough. Though, if I don’t get stuck on the opened slide, I might not get stuck in the closed. Being in closed areas makes me claustrophobic now. It’s okay, I mostly swing and play on the monkey bars. I may be 29, but I think play at every age is healthy. It gets me moving and grooving, there is no age limit to that!

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One thought on “Thankful Sunday 4 November 2018”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You’re right, dear friend. You never outgrow your need for play, fun and laughter. Remaining childlike has its benefits. Revisiting the school playground, climbing monkey bars and swinging on a swing can bring you the same giddy pleasure you experienced as a child, releasing endorphins and improving your mood and health.

    I am also happy to know you enjoyed the book discussion group led by two of your former profs as the five year anniversary nears.

    Have a wonderful day, dear friend JM!


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