Frightening Treats (But Not So Frightening to Make)

Yesterday, I turned on WRTI and grooved to classical music while I made Halloween inspired treats. On Friday evening I bought a women’s magazine for Halloween meals and although they weren’t gluten-free, I couldn’t pass up the magazine. I could make them GF myself.

I first made the ghost desserts. Joy now sells gluten-free ice cream cones and I made the pound cake to go inside the cones from scratch. I used this recipe: I baked the cones for about fifty minutes, decorated with icing and they are delicious.


For dinner, I made a mummy meatloaf. This one was naturally GF and it was easy to make. It did call for breadstick dough and I found a mix for GF breadsticks. The recipe:

1 onion

2 lbs ground beef

1 large egg

1 cup quick cooking oats

1 tube breadstick dough

1 cup marinara sauce

I used onion and black beans for the eyes.



I also made mashed potato ghosts as a side dish. It was the normal mashed potato recipe, but I used almond milk instead of dairy milk. I also used black beans for the eyes.


I had so much fun cooking yesterday and they were easy to make! These treats would be perfect for Halloween parties.

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One thought on “Frightening Treats (But Not So Frightening to Make)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It’s nice to know you will be able to convert recipes for Halloween meals into gluten-free ones. At first I thought those ghost desserts were regular cones with ice cream inside. It’s a clever idea to fill them instead with pound cake and slather on the icing. They do look delicious! I will give Mrs. Shady the recipe for mummy meatloaf in hopes that she will make it for me. If she does, I intend to put a great big blob of bloody red ketchup on top. 🙂 I also hope she will serve me mashed potato ghosts on the side because I drink almond milk every day and love black beans.

    I agree these H-ween treats are a great idea for the holiday. Thanks for showing me your frightful food, dear friend JM. Don’t forget to play Shady’s spooky tuneage as you decorate your room and office. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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