Verklempt Friday

Yesterday my full-time job had their picnic and I feel verklempt. I mentioned to Ms. Ernestine that I packed my own lunch since there weren’t any gluten-free options. Wouldn’t you know, she ran to the store before the picnic and picked up a GF rotisserie chicken and chips for me? She picked up enough for me to have for lunch on Monday! I am beyond verklempt and grateful.

Last night was also a quiet night in the city. After spending an hour in Barnes and Noble, I walked through Rittenhouse Square Park and met Bosley, an adorable pug. He let me get a selfie with him! I am printing this out for my Happiness Box.


I went to South Street and I was in the mood for pho; I decided on Banh Mi and Bottles. Most of their street snacks could be made gluten-free, I had brisket on rice rolls – my favourite! The pho was amazing too! I chatted non-stop with my waitress, Lin, and before I left she agreed to a selfie. She was fun and a great waitress. I made a friend. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Verklempt Friday”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Now I am all verklempt just reading about the kindness shown by Ms. Ernestine. It was very nice of her to surprise you at the picnic with a gluten-free rotisserie chicken and chips. What the world needs now is….. more people like her. Nothing boosts my spirits faster than an encounter with a cute and friendly dog. You were lucky to run across pug Bosley there in Rittenhouse Square Park and that the pooch was willing to pose with you for a picture for your Happiness Box. You made another friend, server Lin, and gained another photo op at the eatery on South Street. Brisket on rice rolls sounds delicious!

    I’m so glad you are having great times. meeting nice people (and dogs) and making friends and memories. Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend JM!


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