I’m Now a Young Friend of the Philadelphia Orchestra!

On Friday I signed up for the Young Friends of the Philadelphia Orchestra. It is a free membership for orchestra lovers from ages 21-40 and packs a lot of benefits, such as reduced tickets. I’ll get my membership information later this week, and I am super excited.

Last night I ventured to the Kimmel Center to see the Tchaikovsky Concerto and enjoyed my first concert as a Young Friend. I think I was a little too excited because, at intermission, I told the gentleman I was sitting next to that I just became a young friend. He said to me, “congratulations! We need more young friends because it would be nice to see younger people enjoying the classics. Every show we come to, we always see people who look like us.” At the end of the show, I took a selfie with the group and they all welcomed me to the orchestra family! 🙂


Anyway, the Philadelphia Orchestra put on an amazing show as always. Yannick Nezet-Seguin is one of my favourite conductors and I am just in love with his style. For the Tchaikovsky Concerto, the Orchestra brought in Lisa Batiashvili on violin and oh my God. Oh my God is all I can say because the ferocity in which she played the guitar, the soulful sound brought tears to my eyes. It was just breathtakingly beautiful. I love classical music for that reason.

Next Saturday I am going to see the harp concerto – I just have to check to see if tickets are still available! I might start spending one Saturday evening a month at the orchestra.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Now a Young Friend of the Philadelphia Orchestra!”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Congratulations on becoming a Young Friend of the Philadelphia Orchestra! I never figured you for a lover of classical music, so I am a bit surprised, but I applaud you for keeping an open mind and open ears and learning to appreciate a variety of styles. It must have been a thrill to be at the Kimmel Center last night and experience the Tchaikovsky Concerto performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra featuring guest musician Lisa Batiashvili. Thanks for sharing pictures. I am very happy for you. I know you will take full advantage of your Young Friend membership and attend many awesome concerts such as the upcoming harp concerto.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


    1. Hi Tom,

      I try to listen to everything – there is something valuable about music, regardless of genre. When I was in middle school, I would listen to classical to relax. Now I listen to relieve anxiety and it certainly does help.

      I’ve been cooking all day and listening to WRTI. Soothing melodies as I cooked.


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