The Happiness Box Initiative Newsletter | Fall 2018

The other day I wrote the Fall edition of the Happiness Box Initiative newsletter and I am rethinking it. Since this is my first time creating newsletters for a project, does it make sense to include experiences from the previous season into the new season’s newsletter or should I wait to the end of the season to include that respective season? Now that I am thinking about it, when I read a company’s newsletter, the company often puts summer earnings or events into the fall newsletter. I’ll continue to do just that for the Happiness Box Initiative newsletter. Enjoy!


The Happiness Box Initiative
Fall 2018

Summer went by quickly! Although it was rainy and humid, I didn’t let the miserable weather damper my spirit. I’ve continued spreading cheer and the word about the Happiness Box Project. This summer I also partnered with others and together we will make the world a more positive place, one note or through one classroom at a time.

I partnered with Notes for People, an activity where the artist sends me carefully crafted envelopes with positive notes tucked inside and the participant must leave the note in a public space where someone can find the note. Unfortunately, the notes arrived after my trip to Long Branch, Asbury Park and New York City, but I’ve left a few notes in the Philadelphia Area and in Baltimore. I’m hoping that these notes inspire the finders; Ajdin sends me updates after I send the photos that I’m doing well with this project. Notes For People is a brilliant idea and adds kindness to our world.

At the end of May, I was featured in’s Spiritual Newsletter. Sonali interviewed me and posted links to articles I wrote about my Happiness Box. Surprisingly, in July a school in Africa reached out to me about the project. The school works with children that have experienced trauma and was interested in the Happiness Box activity to help the students. I’ve sent a lesson plan and while communication has been slow, I’m hoping my Happiness Box will help the students and will help others in traumatic situations. That is the goal I am slowly working on and that is my hope with the Happiness Box Initiative.

The fall will be a busy time for the Happiness Box Project Initiative! With cooler weather, I plan on spreading more joy to others and I have a lot of hope attached to the lesson plans I’ve been writing. One day at a time and always with a positive attitude. Have a great pumpkin-spiced filled season!

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

2 thoughts on “The Happiness Box Initiative Newsletter | Fall 2018”

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    That is a powerful affirmation, dear friend Jessica! Thank you for delivering the fall report on your Happiness Box Initiative. One person can change the world, but an expanding network of like minded individuals that shares a common goal can produce positive outcomes even more quickly.

    Notes For People is another inspiring concept. Imagine the potential ripple effect of this campaign of kindness. One note found at the right place at the right time could conceivably make the difference in someone’s life, a difference that will enable him or her to turn things around, turn despair into hope, turn failure into success, or turn rage into peace.

    i am also proud of you for being featured and interviewed in’s Spiritual Newsletter and your effort to assist that school in Africa in setting up a Happiness Box Project to help young students.

    You are spreading positive energy all over the world, Jessica Marie. Surely you are making a difference one day at a time. Stay positive and have a super weekend!


  2. My comment was intended to begin with this segment in brackets:

    “together we will make the world a more positive place, one note or through one classroom at a time.”


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