Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos | 23 September 2018

Sunday Funday! On Sunday, dad and I trekked to Baltimore to see our beloved Ravens battle the Denver Broncos. This was his Father’s Day gift, and we hoped for nice weather, but Mother Nature had a different idea of “nice.” It rained.

When we hopped off of Amtrak at Baltimore Penn Station, we took Lyft down to the Camden Yards and walked by the baseball field to get to the Ravenswalk. At the Ravenswalk there were festivities such as a band, photo opportunities, and games. Ray Lewis was honoured at halftime for the Hall of Fame; dad and I took photos with his statue and with the raven mascots. We listened to the music until it was time to go to our seats.

M&T Field doesn’t have coverings; we were sitting in the rain. We were bundled up, but the rain didn’t stop the fun we had. I took a selfie of dad and me, we ended up on the jumbotron since I shared it on Instagram. The Ravens won! We did a celebratory dance and dad kept saying, “this was the best Father’s Day gift! We need to do this more often! We bring them luck.” That made my day too.

We ended our evening at Lebanese Taverna, and this was dad’s first time having Lebanese food. He thought his lamb burger with rice pilaf was delicious! I had grape leaves stuffed with lamb and rice, which was delicious too. When I made the reservation, I wrote that dad’s birthday was 6 October; the waiter brought out baklava with a candle, and it surprised dad. We were in a rush because dad was afraid of missing the train, but that made him slow down a little. We ended up eating only half (significant portions) and taking the rest home.


On our way home, Amtrak was full, and at first, dad and I had to sit separately. Dad was telling this one gentleman about how I took him to the game for Father’s Day – the gentleman gave his seat to me, he sat next to his colleague, then proceeded to say, “that’s wonderful you took your dad to a game. I hope when my girls are older, they do the same for me.” He turned to my dad and said, “you did a great job in raising her.” I blushed.

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2 thoughts on “Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos | 23 September 2018”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    What a sweet story about how you made good on a Father’s Day promise to take your dad to see the Ravens take on the Broncos at home in Baltimore. That dang rain! Well, at least it greened up the playing field. 🙂 Is it just my imagination, or is September considered a rainy month in Pennsylvania? The reason I ask is because a friend of mine told me the decision makers are thinking about moving up the start of the York Interstate Fair from the second week in September to late August in order to avoid the rainy and often chilly weather. I am happy to know that you and your dad had a great time and that the rain didn’t dampen your spirits. I’m happy to learn that your team won the game and that you and your dad enjoyed some fine dining before returning on the train. The best part of all was when that stranger paid you a compliment by telling your dad that he raised you right.

    Thank you for showing highlights of your dad’s Father’s Day present – a dad & daughter trip to the game in Baltimore. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


  2. Hi Shady,

    I don’t think September is considered the rainy season, but it might very well be! Last year was rainy too, but the entire year wasn’t a washout like this year, and that could be why we didn’t notice it!

    I’m going to take dad back next year. 🙂 Have a great day, dear friend!


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