Verklempt Friday 7 September 2018

I love Gregg Whiteside of WRTI and I love WRTI as well. Every morning he hosts Breakfast With Bach and listeners can share their breakfasts, which Gregg will read on air. I know I talk a lot about gluten-free, but I do it to raise awareness. Apparently, I did because last Friday after Gregg read my breakfast on air (GF pumpkin spice waffles), someone e-mailed him to inquire about where I purchased the waffles. Gregg asked me, I told him I bought them at Wegmans; Wegmans and Trader Joes have the best selection of GF, and he thanked me.

These GF pumpkin spice waffles are my Friday fun day breakfasts. I try to do something special on Friday mornings. Last week I didn’t take a photo, so I e-mailed Gregg a photo today. He read it on air and added, “Jessica sounds like she has delicious Friday fun day breakfasts and all of the listeners have a fitting breakfast for Bach. We are a community and help each other out when it comes to breakfast items. Someone last week inquired about the gluten-free waffles, bought them, and absolutely loved them. Bach brings people together and we have a lovely community.”

This made me so happy to hear. Sometimes I feel like a pain with my diet, but I guess many others have similar restrictions. I’m thankful for Gregg, WRTI, and the kind people of our classical community.

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2 thoughts on “Verklempt Friday 7 September 2018”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy Verklempt Friday to you, dear friend! Your Friday breakfast favorites – gluten free pumpkin spice waffles – have my mouth watering just imagining how they taste. I will look for them down here because I am into eating healthy. I’m so glad you established a rapport with Gregg, the host of the Breakfast With Bach radio program. I am sure your dietary suggestions were important to many other listeners and will encourage them to get on a path to a healthier lifestyle in general. That is an example of how one person has the power to change the lives of many.

    I wish you a safe and happy weekend, dear friend JM!


  2. Hi Shady!

    Sometimes I remember some family members saying: “be quiet! No one needs to know your personal business!” Well, I can honestly say, as someone who has chronic illnesses, I wish more people were open about their experiences. I have found communities and their openness has helped me; I would like to help others by being opened. I’m an introvert, but I am vocal about my health. I don’t think it’s a bad thing because I think silence does a disservice to chronic illness. I write about it in my yearly newsletter.

    I am thankful for Gregg and WRTI. I’m glad I found the station again and I’ve been listening faithfully for the past two years. There is just something so special about the radio.

    I hope you have a great Sunday!


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