A Saturday of Celebration and Friendship

Saturday was the engagement party. My co-worker at my full-time job gave me a head’s up to the food that she was serving; between fried chicken, pulled pork, and sandwiches, I knew I couldn’t eat any of it. On Friday, I reached out to a friend that used to work at my full-time job and asked if she wanted to meet up for dinner at Hip City Veg.

She agreed and also brought another friend that worked at the full-time job. It was so nice seeing Candice and Dani – I haven’t seen them since they left last October and it was so nice catching up. Hip City Veg was also delicious! We laughed a lot during the hour we met.

Candice dropped me off at the trolley to get to Cecelia’s engagement party. I arrived 15 minutes early but had the chance to meet Cecelia’s mother, a sweet Puerto Rican woman. The party started a half-an-hour later than expected, but we all had a great time celebrating Cecelia and her fiance, Nigel. It was a night of singing, dancing, and fun – Cecelia and Nigel were having the times of their lives, which is a great start to their journey toward married life.


I’m going to make Cecelia an album for her birthday. I was going to buy a scrapbook, but I am overwhelmed with Happiness Box stuff; I’m going to use Shutterfly and make her a book about the party.

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One thought on “A Saturday of Celebration and Friendship”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It makes me happy (and verklempt) to see all the smiles in this post, dear friend. I’m glad you met up with Candice and Dani, two friends you haven’t seen in almost a year. Based on the name alone, Hip City Veg sounds like my kind of restaurant. I wish they had one down here, but I see they only have two locations, one there in Philly and another in D.C. I hope you were able to find something to eat at the engagement party or at least ate something suitable for your diet before or after. The collection of pictures taken at the party is fabulous, and putting them in an album is a great gift idea. You looked pretty in your white dress. Congratulations to Cecelia and Nigel!

    Happy Labor Day to you, dear friend JM, and have a wonderful week ahead!


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