Asbury Park, Long Branch, NYC Trip | Day 2 | 26 July 2018

On Thursday, the weather cleared and it was humid. I had breakfast at Playa Bowls, a vegan, all organic, Spanish flavour surf food. I had a coconut almond bowl and it was delicious. It was definitely filling and held me throughout my time on the beach. After, I went to a cafe, met a bear friend, and had coffee together.


I decided to take some photos of Long Branch beach with my DSLR camera before I went swimming. I walked back, got changed, then walked back to the beach. The ocean was still rough and the thing about the sand in Long Branch, pebbles are mixed in. I cut my toes on the pebbles, and I know I worked up a sweat with swimming. I was fighting the waves, but diving underneath felt refreshing. I am a strong swimmer and could navigate the rip currents, but I decided to leave at 3 since I was getting tired. I was also supposed to meet Jared and Joe at Jams on the Sand in Asbury Park at 7, I wanted to take a little nap.


I woke up at 5:30 and got ready. Jared texted me that something came up and he couldn’t meet up for Jams on the Sand, but Joe was going to be there. I ate an awesome dinner at a pizza place in Asbury Park called Crust and Crumbles that reminded me of the Couch Tomato. I ordered a gluten-free pizza without the cheese, topped with spinach, roasted peppers, and mushrooms. The pizza was delicious and filled me up for Jams on the Sand.


I met up with Joe, then met some more of Joe and Jared’s friends too. Wayne, two guys named Dan, and Nataly came later. Joe explained that I am a mutual friend of Jared’s, that we met in Green Bay six years ago and kept in touch since then. We all had a blast jamming to Little Strange and Juice. Little Strange was more of a cover band, Juice reminded me something from Soul Train. It almost sounded like the 70s were calling and Don Cornelius was on the other end. I enjoyed Juice, especially since they had a fiddle player. It was an interesting combination. Jams on the Sand was on the beach; the full moon was illuminating the stage and you could hear the waves crash against the rocks. It was truly a beautiful site and the atmosphere was relaxing.


After the performance, people were permitted to stay. Joe, Wayne, both Dans, Nataly and I sat at a table and we just chatted until 11:30. It was a fun evening and I am glad I could meet up with Joe; I’m also glad I had the opportunity to meet Jared’s other friends as well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet up with Jared this trip since he overscheduled. He felt bad, but next time I travel to Asbury Park, we will meet up.



Joe waited with me until Lyft came; after two cancellations, I finally had a ride back to my Air bNb back in Long Branch. Something surprising happened, but it was fast, and I didn’t acknowledge what happened. Typical Jessica and in typical Jessica fashion, I wrote a poem about it. I debated posting it, but I am:

Waves crash against the rocks,
the only sound for miles
except for the sound of your voice;
your laugh, as the camera snaps,
you love me against graffitied walls.
I bet you think I look like that beauty,
pale skin, black hair,
I can see it in your eyes,
you don’t have to say a word;
yet, I’m oblivious to feelings,
I like spending time with just you.
I should be ordering Lyft
and you should be biking home,
but you keep suggesting spots for photos,
Asbury Park beach is our place.
We laugh and smile,
I don’t want to leave either
and neither does Lyft apparently,
two cancellations, you play the hero,
chatting with the third driver-
third times a charm, eh?
“Get her home safely!”
You hold the door opened for me,
I’m lost in the rush of the waves and moon
As you plant a kiss on my cheek.


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2 thoughts on “Asbury Park, Long Branch, NYC Trip | Day 2 | 26 July 2018”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It was exciting to read part 2 of your adventures on your trip to Asbury Park, Long Branch and New York City. You took some great pictures of the beach and waves. I’m happy to know you quit fighting the rip current by mid afternoon when you were getting tired. That was the wise thing to do. I’m sorry you cut your toes on sharp pebbles. That gluten-free pizza looks soooo good. I want it! I got a kick out of their sign “Love fades. Pizza is eternal.” I’m happy that you caught two more band shows and that your night ended with a kiss on the cheek. How romantic!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


    1. Hi Shady,

      Water is a friend, but it can also be an enemy at times. I don’t play around with rip currents when I’m tired – 4.5 hours in the water was enough and I wanted to eat lunch too.

      The after of Jams on the Sand was a pleasant surprise!


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