29 Candles: Picture Yourself at Jessica’s Party

Today I turned 29 and I’ll be honest with you, I’m dreading turning 30… hence why I don’t look happy. Part of it is worrying about immigration – most countries want people under 35, also partly health, but mostly I feel like I have wasted my 20s.

Maybe I shouldn’t feel that way because I did get a degree, I did self-publish a few books, I’ve travelled and made friends on my travels, but I am still not in a career I like. I’m working toward what I want to do, though, it’s taking longer than I had hoped. I am working towards moving away, but that is a process.

My aunts and uncles were making a big deal about me turning 30 next year and I said, “please stop. I am not looking forward to 30.” My one uncle asked, “why? That’s not old.” I told him my fears and he said, “Jess, you still have a lot of time. You’re still very young and a lot can change in 5 years. Please don’t worry.” After talking to some friends when I got home, my uncle was right. I shouldn’t fear an age and even if it feels like I’ve wasted my 20s, your 20s are still a time of learning and growth, which is important for the rest of your life. I should enjoy my last year in my 20s.

My uncle opened the pool and I had fun swimming. I can’t wait to spend the rest of the summer swimming! Come weekends, I will swim… Friday evenings will be for skating and Art Museum, Saturday and Sunday for swimming. Mom also ordered me a gluten-free cake that was delicious. I had a good birthday.



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One thought on “29 Candles: Picture Yourself at Jessica’s Party”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’ll say it again. Happy birthday to you! 29 isn’t old and neither is 30. To someone like me who is approaching 69, it is ridiculously young. You still have loads of time. Remain open minded and flexible and things will work out. Trust me. No one wasted their 20s more than I. They are a blur to me now. All we can do is learn as we go along and make adjustments as they become necessary.

    That cake looks yummy, and I am sure the pool offered welcome relief from this heat wave.

    Happy 4th and happy birthday, dear friend JM!


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