Memorial Day with Christina

It was a damp and dreary day in Pennsylvania yesterday, not really the type of weather for the pool or ocean. My parents went to Rehobeth Beach and while they texted me that the weather broke in Delaware, Pennsylvania had no such luck.

I travelled to West Chester and spent the afternoon with Christina. It had been six months since we last saw one another and thought Memorial Day would be a great day to catch up. Her birthday is on 3 June; mom and I are seeing Depeche Mode and I won’t be able to see Christina for her birthday. I gave her a card with a Whole Food gift card. I ordered her Machine Gun Kelly’s Bloom from Amazon and fortunately, it was delivered right before I arrived at her house. She opened the gift when I arrived. She loved everything.

Since I had to go gluten-free (and lactose intolerant) and Christina is vegan, we had a “BBQ” at the Couch Tomato. I had a gluten-free pizza with spinach and roasted shitake mushrooms, Christina had a Sparta salad with falafel, chickpeas and a bunch of other veggies. It looked delicious and we both enjoyed our meal.

We spent the rest of the time at Everhart Park and it was a serene way to catch up. It was wonderful spending Memorial Day with a friend.


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